onsdag 28 april 2010

Blog hop SCOTCH.....!

Welcome to our first KIKI ART Design Team Blog Hop... however, we'd like to call it a BLOG HOPSCOTCH!

When? During National Scrapbook Day weekend.
It will run from Thursday, April 29th until Monday, May 3rd.

How to play?
You can start wherever you want, however, make sure to visit the blogs of our talented design team members. Also,

please make sure to visit the Kiki Art blogs (English, French, and Spanish) to be eligible to win.

Each design team member was asked to select an organization that commits to helping others. Then, they created a project based on their organization featuring Kiki Art products.

Make sure to take note of each organization/goodcause each DT member has selected.

When you hop from blog to blog, hopefully you will get inspired by all of the beautiful Kiki Art work. We also hope

that you are inspired to do good by getting involved in an effort to create a better world through these organizations.

How to get a prize from the Kiki Art blog?
For your chance to win, you need to leave a comment on the Kiki Art blog letting us know which one(s) was/were your

favorite blog(s) during our blog hop and what organization was displayed on that blog. (Don't limit yourself! You

can choose as many blogs as you want!)

How to get a prize from a Kiki Art design team member blog?
Many members of our design team have decided to give away a project that is related to the good cause they believe

in. Leave a comment on their blog hop posts, and they will pick a random winner.

On Tuesday, May 4th, all winners will be announced!

Let the BLOG HOPSCOTCH begin!!! Get inspired and enjoy!

Here's the list of names and blog addresses for all three Kiki Art blogs (English, French, and Spanish):

KIKI ART Blog DT members:

Fleur Smith – BC, CANADA - http://fleursbydesign.blogspot.com
Jillian Anger – ON, CANADA - http://www.sleepisnotrequired.blogspot.com
Linda Shewchuk – SK, CANADA - http://awesomememories.blogspot.com
Stephanie Hart – NS, CANADA - http://www.Stephanie-Hart.Blogspot.com
Tammy Lever – AB, CANADA - http://tampatha.wordpress.com
Virginia Wong – AB, CANADA - http://virginiawongmichiels.blogspot.com
Ann-Katrin – NORWAY - http://papirhobby.no
Annika Bergquist – SWEDEN - http://annikasblandning.blogspot.com
Carole Stirrat – WA, USA- http://www.carolestirrat.blogspot.com
Einat Kessler – ISRAEL - http://scrapinit.blogspot.com
Ellen Sosnoski – PA, USA - http://closeyourears.blogspot.com
Katrina Hunt – MO, USA - http://www.paperscissorsandglue.blogspot.com
Keely Yowler – KY, USA - http://www.keelyy.blogspot.com
Lynda Lindley – WA, USA - http://positive-force.blogspot.com
Meghan Epperly – FL, USA http://igiveacrop.wordpress.com
Nicole Rixon – CA, USA - http://www.onesweetromance.com
Ria Mojica – PHILIPPINES - http://www.cakesnscraps.blogspot.com
Sarah de Guzman – CA, USA http://redoaklines.com
Sophia Allison – SOUTH AFRICA http://sallison.blogspot.com
Vivi Rahman – BRUNEI http://vivs.typepad.com/tyroscrapper
KIKI - Arantza Izurrategui - QC, CANADA - http://www.bykiki.ca


Carolyn – USA & Panamá - http://carolynscrap.blogspot.com
Christine – USA - http://scrappygal-scrapthat.blogspot.com
Dessy – MEXICO - http://scrapenlasmontanias.blogspot.com
Lida – MEXICO - http://rainbowcrafter.blogspot.com
Olgacle – COLOMBIA - http://olgascrap.blogspot.com
Patty – MEXICO - http://mynameisscrappy.blogspot.com
Rebeca – ESPAÑA - http://mirinconscrap.blogspot.com
Rosa – ESPAÑA - http://scraprosarr2.blogspot.com
Tere – USA & Mexico - http://www.terecontodomicorazon.blogspot.com
Kiki Canada & Argentina - http://www.bykiki.ca


Annie – Québec, Canada - http://annie10-unjourlafois.blogspot.com
Kimmieprout – Québec, Canada - http://kimmieprout.blogspot.com
Ladybird – Québec, Canada - http://www.blogladybird.blogspot.com
Loustic – Québec, Canada - http://uneviedeloustic.blogspot.com
Zamaline – Québec, Canada - http://janealiasjanik.blogspot.com
Marie France - Québec, Canada - http://www.kikiartist.com/mariefrance
Karine - Québec, Canada - http://karl-scrap.blogspot.com
- Kiki - Arantza Izurrategui - Québec, Canada - http://bykiki.ca

And here comes my cause,

Now is the time for the first "blog hopes" for Kiki ART.
But it will not be "just" a bloghop but we want the DT team oxå draw your attention to something that is just our hearts.

What is dear to my heart is just the heart.
Since both my parents have passed away in myocardial infarction (and mom at age 45) so I feel that research on this is really something that needs to be promoted.

Here are some facts about women and cardiovascular disease from "cardiopulmonary Fund website",

Leading cause of death. Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death in women.

20 000 per year. Annually, more than 20 000 women from heart disease. This is equivalent to 55 women a day.

41 heart attacks a day. Every day about 41 women in Sweden myocardial infarction.

Smaller hearts and smaller arteries. Women have smaller hearts and smaller vessels than men.

Suffer more than men. Women suffer the same cardiovascular diseases as men, such as myocardial infarction, heart failure, angina, cardiac arrhythmias and stroke, but on average, ten years later.
Some heart diseases common among women. Women are over-represented in certain heart diseases, such as "broken heart" and so-called silent infarcts.

The goal of much of the research on cardiovascular disease is that in the future be better able to individualize treatment of the patient, first by gender, body size and age, but increasingly from each individual's genetic susceptibility.

A link to the websit ( in Swedish)

And here comes my little gift I created with Kiki ART,

A little post it holder. I´ve make it with the Amor collection of Kiki ART.


32 kommentarer:

Sophia sa...

Beautiful project and great cause...

Jocelyn sa...

What a great cause....I can so relate with this one!!! Beautiful project!!

kmassman sa...

Your post-it holder is so cute! I wish there was no need for this cause. Maybe one day...

Laurie (Wally) sa...

What a great little project I love post it notes... What a great cause.. we all have hearts...

Lorraine sa...

Such a pretty album! Those statistics are very frightening, aren't they? A great cause you've chosen!

jennifer sa...

both my parents are living with heart disease. awesome cause.

MJ sa...

thanks for sharing about this cause, very interesting.

Nice project.


Anonym sa...

i love the colors in this! great project and great cause!

Kelly sa...

What a cute idea! I have never thought to make something like this. Great cause too!

MrsETaylor sa...

Annika, this is absolutely beautifu. Thanks for sharing and for putting some light on how important research is.

Fleursbydesign sa...

Great post-it-note holder and thank you for all the information on heart disease!

jacque4u2c sa...

Awesome creation and a wonderful cause to choose! Thank you for this!

Marie-France sa...

Very good cause, so many people will be devastated by heart disease. Very nice project, thanks for sharing.

justcallmegirlie sa...

great cause, and great project! Here's to finding a cure!

Karen sa...

What a Beautiful project and a cause close to my heart too!

*~*Rita*~* sa...

wow, your post-it holder is beautiful!!!

עינת sa...

What an important cause! I love your project. einat

maria dolores morales sa...

¡Hola Annika! paso por tu blog para conocerte y conocer la causa que apoyas, gracias por toda la información que nos das. ¡Están bellísimos los trabajos que realizaste para regalar!! y los papeles que usaste son muy lindos! estoy enamorada de esos colores! Hasta pronto, desde Córdoba, Argentina, un beso. Mary

Olga Clemencia sa...

Hi Anika te saludo desde Colombia

dreams_sueños sa...

Thanks Annika for informing us all about heart disease. And your work is very, very nice!!!!!!!!! hugs from Argentina

Laura Stewart sa...

great project!!

Janet Z sa...

A great project and a wonderful cause!

Pamk sa...

great cause. My mother passed away from her heart at 35 so I understand. Love the post it holder.

wustaz sa...

my brother died when his heart just stopped. his issue was an electrical one and it was devastating. I hope they do lots of research on cardiac problems

Ginny sa...

My mom has a lot of problems with her heart, great cause!

Keely Yowler sa...

I love your beautiful giveaway! You are representing a wonderful cause.

arlsmom aka Lynda sa...

Wonderful project!!

Ann-Katrin sa...

Hej Annika!
Great organization & love your project! Det er viktig å ta vare på hjertet!

Reel Girl sa...

Fabulous project!


·.¸¸.·´´¯`··._.·Dessy·.¸¸.·´´¯`··._.· sa...

do some work fine and have a beautiful family that cause over eenfermedades nice heart, hugs from london is a pleasure to meet this dynamic has made know almost all the girls of the team!
Besitos a montones!

kiki sa...

I love the cause you have chosen and the project is adorable!
Thanks for being part of the team and always contributing with your unique style. I enjoyed very much and hope to see more.

Virginia sa...

Beautiful project...and any cause about the heart is near and dear to me too.